CELOS Survey Lab Booking System

Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy:
Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Longitudinal Studies (CELOS)
Prof. K. Beesdo-Baum, Dr. L. Pieper, Prof. F. Jacobi, Dr. M. Höfler, Prof. H.-U. Wittchen


The Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Longitudinal Studies (CELOS) is laboratory platform of the Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Director: Professor Dr. H.-U. Wittchen), located on 156 sqm (8 rooms, adjacent to the Institute). It includes field work-, CATI- and CAPI-administration labs and observation lab. The Center maintains close collaboration with the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology and its Public Health Network (Director: Prof. Dr. Dr. W. Kirch). The CELOS center has extensive experience in the management of large-scale data banks and multi-center longitudinal data sets (comprising blood samples, genetic, clinical and experimental data with thousands of subjects). Concerning the statistical data processing there is excellent expertise in sampling theory and weighting procedure, as well as statistical expertise, particularly with regard to modeling causal pathways, psychometric analyses, sensitivity and specificity analyses and complex multivariate statistics.

CELOS survey lab:
The survey lab is part of the Celos centre. Its purpose is the field work and computer-assisted telephone interviewing. It consists of 10 workstations in two rooms. Each work station is separated by partition panels and equipped with a telephone (with headset) connected via USB to a desktop PC or Laptop. Phones are completely controlled by PC, therefore hand-free calling is possible. Calling and data entry runs with a Microsoft Access application. Collected data can be exported in several file formats and further data processing with standard statistical software (Stata) is possible.

Work groups and personnel:

Assessment unit:
Diagnostic tools and psychometrics: Dr. Lars Pieper, Prof. Dr. Frank Jacobi
Computer assisted interviewing (CAPI, CATI): Dipl.-Stat. Jens Siegert
Survey Lab (CATI): Dr. Lars Pieper
ESM: Andrew Gloster, PhD

Biometrics, statistics, data bank management:
Causal analytic designs and methods: Dr. Dipl.-Stat. Michael Höfler
Biometrical and statistical issues: Dr. Dipl.-Stat. Michael Höfler
E-CRF, databank management, informatics: Dipl.-Stat. Jens Siegert, Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Eckhard Schulz; Torsten Tille
Collaboration with the KKS Dresden

Field work unit:
Sampling and proband tracking: Dipl.-Psych. Simone Heinze
Monitoring: Dr. Lars Pieper
Quality Assurance: 3P Consulting, PD Dr. David Pittrow

Current and past Projects:
Major clinical epidemiological longitudinal studies of the centre:

1. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Studies:

2. Somatic Health Studies:

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