The Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (ICPP) was established by Professor Hans-Ulrich Wittchen with its appointment in 2000 and developed into one of the world´s leading research institutions in the fields of clinical psychology and psychotherapy research with several linked units (such as the Outpatient Center for Psychotherapy and the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Longitudinal Studies) and five different chairs. As of April 2017, Professor Katja Beesdo-Baum has been appointed as new director of the institute.

The ICPP currently consists of five chairs, who are jointly responsible for all aspects of teaching and research in the field of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at TUD:

Further, previous chairs continue their resarch at the institute:
The following pages inform about the mission, goals, work areas and research groups of the ICPP, the graduate and postgraduate curricula, the linked infrastructure for research, teaching and patient-related tasks, as well as the individual research profiles of the chairs.