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     Your Mind's Eye is an interactive software exhibit designed for science museums that incorporates over one hundred hours of interactive demonstrations, puzzles, artwork, drawing lessons, profiles of leading researchers and artists, and scientific explanations on illusions, perception, and cognitive science.

    The user can manipulate various parameters on each illusion, in a way that was never previously possible, to see the hidden constraints that mediate vision and perception.

     The two screen shots above show examples of the interface.

     The software took over four years to develop and had the consulting power of the world's leading experts in cognitive science.

     At the museums it is displayed at, users are fascinated and stay glued to it for hours.

     The software will run most efficiently on a high-end Power Macintosh computer.

Over 98 science museums are currently in negotiations to purchase the software. Here is the current list.

      It will be on display at the following museums starting in the late Spring of 1998.

WonderWorks (Ontario, Florida)

Exploratorium (San Francisco, California)

Boston Museum of Science (Boston, Massachusetts)

Technorama (Winterthur, Switzerland)

Xperiment Huset (Sweden)

London Science Museum (London, UK)

The Exploratory (Bristol, UK)

University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK) March 13-21, 1998



     To find out more about obtaining this software (it is only available for educational institutions), please contact IllusionWorks, L.L.C.