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     Y & B Associates has been involved in making high quality illusion consumer products for over fifteen years. We are pleased to offer you our latest selection of educational and fun products.

     Illusions in Art is a collection of over 100 artistic images by over 40 of the world's leading illusion artists. This is the most comprehensive collection of artistic illusions ever assembled, most of which have never appeared before.  Examples range from illusion works created in antiquity to modern times.

     There are representative examples by such artists as Escher, Dali, Magritte, Fukuda, Del Prete, Reutersvard, Wade, Archimboldo, Currier and Ives, Haemakers, Buch, De Mey, Gilbert, Orovitz, Whistler, Jastrow, Piranesi, Shepard, Agule, among many others.

    The artistic images incorporate impossible figures and objects, ambiguous figures and objects, distortion illusions, and even architectural and sculptural illusions!

     The set is accompanied by an excellent introductory brochure by Al Seckel on perception and its relation to illusions in art. The collection of images was assembled by IllusionWorks for Y & B Associates.

     This is a fantastic set and a great value!  It makes a terrific gift for children and adults and it will be a great time for all as you examine each image. The set is additionally valuable for students studing perception, psychology, or art history.


     Y & B Associates is pleased to annouce Impuzzabilities, a new type of illusion puzzle created by IllusionWorks based on an original concept by Diego Uribe.

     Instead of starting from a pre-existing image and trying to reassemble the image, this puzzle allows one to develop one's own creative designs -- both possible and impossible! 

     Impuzzabilities consists of over 230 different tiles, which allow for countless interesting and fun designs. Learn about spatial relationships in a new and novel way, which is sure to enrich a child's or an adult's visual and creative development. 




     You can order any of the products above by either calling or faxing your order in to Y & B Associates at 516-481-0256 (phone or fax).

     Or you can mail your order to:

Y & B Associates

33 Primrose Lane

Hempstead, NY 11550

     Phone  and fax orders require a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) are accepted. Be sure to provide the name that appears on the card, type of card, and expiration date. Also leave your phone number. Orders that do not have this information will not be processed.

    Mail-in orders will require a check or credit card information (as above).

     Please allow two weeks for delivery. Urgent orders will carry an additional charge.