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     We are very much interested to hear what you think of our site and how you think it can be improved. We hope that, for the most part, the explanations are clear and readable. Nothing written on this site, however, is engraved in stone. If you are aware of more recent findings, research, papers, etc. that call any of our explanations into question, please let us know. We are interested in providing the most reliable information possible.

     We welcome researchers in perception who have interesting demonstrations to post them to our site as we have a very wide audience. In addition, we are also looking for qualified illusion artists to display their artistic work. If you are an artist working with illusions, or know of someone who is, please feel free to contact us.

     Unfortunately, due to the extremely heavy response rate we can not guarantee that we will respond to all e-mail, letters, etc. We receive over100 letters a day. We will give it our best shot.  If you have a school project on perception or illusions, please go to the recommended school projects section in the Introductory Level.

     If there is an non-working applet, out-dated link, or some other malfunction with the site, please let us know.

     This is the contact information (this address is for non-commercial correspondence and of an academic nature only):

Lab address:

Al Seckel

Shimojo Laboratory

Division of Computational and Neuronal Systems

California Institute of Technology

Pasadena, CA 91105

Please do not call the lab, as it will disturb people, please use e-mail instead.



     For questions regarding rights of images or any other commercial questions, please go to the IllusionWorks page.

     The following are a few representative samples of comments we have received on this site from both the general public and serious academic researchers in the field of cognitive science, psychology, vision science, etc.



Representative samples of public response to the IllusionWorks/Shimojo Lab web site.

Wow. That's all I can think of to say right now. I was considering studying cognitive sciences in college when I eventually get there. I think I just decided for sure. -- Coyul

THANKS!!! I enjoyed every minute of the few hours I spent with you. It is amazing and I've learned so much. It is colorful, very interesting and MUST for anyone. Thank you for all your efforts -- Uri Malchi

Congratulations to your and Christof [Koch] on the Web page and CD-ROM. The Web page is an outstanding contribution -- science, artwork, etc... -- Patrick Cavanagh, Harvard University

This site is an outstanding resource. I am a neuroscientist and will be teaching gifted school kids a short workshop on neurophysiology... I am very impressed -- it is easy to present the glitzy art and illusions, but to also make the effort to present the underlying science is what lifts this site to greatness. These illusions are great fun, but when we appreciate what they can teach us about sensory processing, they become even more extraordinary. -- Richard Vickery, University of New South Wales, Australia

I am a big fan of your illusionworks web site, and I have encouraged my students in the third-year perception course I'm teaching to look at it! Thanks for providing it. -- Elizabeth Olds, University of Waterloo

I was just surfing cool new sites when I came across this site. It is a lot of fun and very informative. I learned a lot about illusions that I never knew. And wasn't that your goal? Thanks for a very entertaining hour.  -- Michael Walton

It would figure that a decent piece on optical illusions would come from Caltech! Thanks Seckel! My 6th grade science fair project is all the better because of your interest in sharing this work!!! -- Dustin Smith

I have been around on the Internet for many years, and haven't found many sites which can compete with yours in the categories of plain interest, pur fun, passing education & knowledge online and WWW page desinging (the site itself, not only its content is a true marvel!! The programing is superb. Keep up the good work! -- Chip Monk

Your Hall of Illusions is a really cool website. Congratulations! It was fun to try the java version of the ball and shadow illusion -- Daniel Kersten, University of Minnesotta

Loved the web site, though clearly there is much I haven't explored... Keep up the good work. -- Peter Thompson, University of York

I would like to pass on some positive feedback which extend from myself and people who seen your site through a link on our webpage. Everyone is quite impressed with the topics covered and the graphic demos. Keep up the great work! -- James Zacher, Institute for Space and Terrestrial Sciences

This is a truly magnificent site. It is a terrific resource on the web, but a terrible blow to me. You see, I teach Perception and have developed interactive illusions using Multimedia Toolbook. I have been struggling unsuccessfully to mount interactive illusions on the web for the past four months. And you folks have done it -- first, and much better than I ever could. So congratulations...I don't think this could have been done any better. --Sandra Holmes, University of Wisconsin

Congratulations to you and Christof [Koch] on your fabulous new web site, which certainly deserves all the awards it obtained. It's really exciting -- Diana Deutsch, UCSD

Fantastic web page you have, and I love those artists you feature. -- Warren Smith

Awesome indeed, pretty and fun. -- Paula Giese, India

I love the work that you are doing! -- Hiram Christy

Congratulations on a superb site -- the three-D illusions are quite amazing. I will be telling various teachers who do a block on illusions with their classes about your web site. They hypercube 3D is the best display to explain this concept that I have ever seen. How about doing a tesseract? -- L. Mellor

I am writing to let you know that I really enjoyed looking through your IllusionWorks web site. I have a question. I can't seem to solve the Trick Mule Puzzle. I can get them to ride the fast horse, but I don't see how to get them to ride the weary looking ones. Can you show me what they look like? Thanks. -- Judy Kinnison

Thank you for your beautiful site. It is really an adventure. I was impressed by Sandro Del Prete's work, but I could not find any reference on the web. -- Uri Malchi

I read about your site in an Indian magazine and on visiting it I was astounded. You have a great site on your hands. It was a great experience.  -- Ajay Bansal, India

Your site is great, so good that I have told my friends and linked to it from our own home page at the Department of Ophthalmology at the Lund University in Sweden. Actually I have been looking some time for a good site of visual illusions, but not found any until now. Illusions are fun for everybody, even more if you work with the vision and eye yourself -- Anders Bergstrom, Lund University Hospital, Sweden

I have looked at your site, and it is really impressive! -- Peter, Lund University, Cognitive Science, Sweden

I stumbled on the IllusionWorks page and was extremely impressed ! -- Steve Sullivan

Your illusion site is wonderful. I really enjoyed visiting it. -- Ning Qian, Columbia University

Your IllusionWorks site is beautifully done, both graphics and content wise, so when you're hot you're hot, when you're not you're not, and your site is hot! -- Leo Hartong


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